Drip, drip, drip

Troubleshooting is my day job. When you're trying to fix something and you aren't sure what's actually wrong you feel stupid most of the time because inevitably the first 15 things you try don't work.

I still had about 13 more dead ends to go in my fight to get my iPhone to work with the embedded music players on our website when I got a crucial piece of information: the iOS that runs on iPhones and iPads doesn't let you download music directly to them. Sigh.

The release of Beemo's first full length album, titled "Bustin' Out" is extremely nigh and we've been working to get all of the pieces together for our release plan.

We're doing the online release as something called a drip marketing campaign. In a nutshell, if you sign up for our email list, starting on October 20th we'll email you one track from the new album each day for free. Each email will have a link to a webpage that has the song as well as lots of exclusive content like the stories behind the track, live performance videos, band interviews, lyrics etc. We really want to pull back the curtain and let fans see what the songs are about and be part of the (long) journey. Sign up here to be put on the mailing list for the release.

The kickoff for the release is our October 20th show at Timucua White House. (I wrote a post about our last show there earlier this year). It's part of their Saturday afternoon series, with showtime at 2:30pm. Tickets are only $5 and if you haven't gotten one yet, you might want to get them here sooner rather than later. They're going pretty fast and day of tickets aren't guaranteed.

The playing-a-show part of the release plan is the easy part, especially at a venue as awesome as the White House. We've spent the last month creating the individual exclusive content pages and hammering out the logistics of delivering the tracks, getting the mailing list set up, creating pre-order content, planning the marketing etc.

It's a lot of design, write, test, re-design, test again, re-write, rinse repeat. We've had to check and re-check all the hyperlinks, verify the videos are working, and get the downloads running. (Btw: We're going to recommend you use a desktop rather than an apple mobile to download the tracks. I probably don't have time to apply to a job at Apple, destroy all rivals to become CEO and then work with lawyers to change the policy and the tech before the 20th. Probably)

It's been an experience, but definitely a valuable and interesting one. Tony, already a great designer as our artwork attests, has learned Wix website design backwards and forwards. Justin showed me a bit about how to work MailChimp for the content drip.

And surprisingly we've all learned a bit more about the songs that we've written. There were a few moments when we were discussing the behind the scenes and the stories behind the songs when one of us would say "Really? I had no idea that's where that came from" or "That's why you play it like that?"

The creative process for all of this release content, even with all its dead ends, tangents, and cul-de-sacs, has been more rewarding than I was expecting despite, or maybe because, it didn't always ending up where I thought it was going to go. We went through about 7 album covers in about as many days, with a few of them completely bonkers, though fun. The scripts I wrote for some of the behind the scenes videos changed three times and then sometimes were tossed altogether in the time between first pen to paper and pressing the record button.

This release experience has really been an extended troubleshoot; my inner masochist enjoys all the challenges and the.... let's say "vicissitudes." "Chaos" is probably a little strong. But the finish line is in sight now, the physical CDs have just arrived, and all the pieces have been stitched together.

So please sign up to get the album for free and then come and see us on Saturday October 20th at 2:30 at Timucua White House. It's been a long time in the works.


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