MacGregor's Revenge - The Beer

Tony and I chatted with Mike Wallace from Ten 10 Brewing on July 14th over a beer and talked about the Beemo Americana Pale Ale that he is brewing up for us to pair with the single release of our song “MacGregor’s Revenge”

TM: Let’s do this. So who are you?

MW: I’m Mike Wallace, head brewer at the Ten 10 Brewing Company.

TM: So, where is Ten 10?

MW: 1010 Virginia Drive located right in the heart of Mills 50 here in Orlando.

TM: So let me make sure I understand, you named Ten 10 after the address?

MW: Yeah, we wanted to be a neighborhood brewery and it just seemed that we were filling 1010 in on every bit of paperwork and we thought “Wow that’s kind of cool” and we stuck with it.

TM: What are you doing today?

MW: We’re brewing a pale ale for Beemo!

TM: How long does it take to brew something like this?

MW: We started a little before 6 this morning and we should be wrapping it up having a beer about 6 or 6:30 this afternoon. We did two batches today, so two 3 barrel batches. We’re just about halfway through our second boil, so about another hour of that, some transfer and a lot of cleaning.

TM: What’s the hardest part about making beer?

MW: Being consistent at are our level is probably the hardest part. We’re having fun. It’s a fun day.

MJ: How did you get started?

MW: I started home brewing in high school. Figured out you could buy all the ingredients to make beer

and no one would sell us beer so we just started making our own. I kind of stuck with it off and on and ended up doing this.

MJ: How long has Ten 10 been around?

MW: This is two years, July is 2 years.

MJ: I see that you’ve been partnering with a lot of other local places in the area.

MW: Yeah, as I said we wanted to be a neighborhood place so we try to work with as many of the other businesses as possible. Olde Hearth bakery comes and gets our spent grain and makes pretzels and for any of our coffee bears we use Lineage Coffee roasters. Anytime we have a chance we try to work with people in the neighborhood.

TM: Ok, let’s break it down. Paper or plastic?

MW: Neither! Bring my own! [Laughs]

TM: Very good. Eco friendly.

MJ: Latex or sheepskin?

TM: [Laughs]

MW: Um... it’s been a while.

MJ: I was expecting you to say “Neither” to that one too.

MW: [Laughs] That would have been the better answer.

TM: Boxers of briefs?

MJ: “Neither" is the correct answer, by the way.

MW: I was going to say on brew days it’s a little sweaty, so...

MJ: [Laughs] What other events do you have coming up?

MW: We have our 2 year anniversary coming up July 21st. We’re going to have some fun with some special brews throughout the weekend. We’re doing our barrel aged Weary Beast Imperial Stout that we transferred out of bourbon barrels yesterday.

TM: Oh, I had that! It was good. Very good.

MW: That’ll be on tap and then we’re doing a bunch of fun special small releases so we’ll be posting those online this week.

TM: When can we get some Beemo beer?

MW: Looking like mid-August. We’ll have it here at the brewery, of course, and then a couple fun spots around town as well.

TM: Awesome, thanks Mike!

MW: Thank you guys!

The Beemo Americana Pale Ale will be (shockingly) a pale ale, which are popular craft beers often with a hoppier taste. (There’s usually something called a “floral finish,” but seeing as I have the palette of a chicken*, I don’t actually know what that means.)

*Chickens and I have only like 30 taste buds; average humans have like 10,000

Ten 10 brewer Horace Anderson took some time to explain the brewing process to us:

Tony pouring in the hops:

Tony, Beemo’s resident graphic artist, created the beer label featuring a Kelpie, a mythical Scottish beast that’s one of the central figures in the song “MacGregor’s Revenge” (More on that later). We’re getting it printed at Lure Paper Goods, conveniently right across the street from Ten 10.

We’ll be having a single release party at Ten 10 in (likely) September, so keep an eye on social media and be sure come see us play and grab some Beemo Americana Pale Ale.



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