Florida Music Festival 2017

April 14, 2017

Florida Music Festival is next week, April 20-22.   This will be our fourth, and I always look forward to it.  Things are pretty different than they were in 2014.



We were still sans percussionist for our first FMF.  We were on the Wall Street Main Stage and we had pulled a fortunate time slot.  Still a relative newbie to the live music performance thing (Beemo is my first band), I was pretty nervous right before we walked on stage.    It was by a wide margin the biggest crowd I had ever performed in front of.  I was jittery until right before I picked up my mandolin, and then I was normal again, which was a fortunate thing because one of the first things I did in that set was take a not-particularly-easy solo.




Potatoes and Leeks

Fold Out Couch

She Don't Run

It's Been Five Minutes

Back Seat Down

Bustin' Out

Take On Me

Back Again











FMF 2015 was our first show with Justin.  We were recording “Wide Awake” at the time and were looking for a percussionist to lay down tracks on the album.  Real Feel Recording gave us the number of one of the percussionists who recorded with them for another project and Tony basically cold called him two weeks before the show.  He came to the practice space and impressed all of us with his skill and his obvious musical instincts.   Two weeks and 4 practices later Justin was onstage with us at Cheyenne Saloon.   (He just kept coming to practice, too.  After another month or so we asked him to join up officially and, fortunately for us, he accepted.)


That show was also our first time sharing the stage with Carly Jo Jackson, who went on right before us.  She wowed with her singing and charmed us with her stage presence, and chatting with her afterwards planted the seeds of future collaborations (see FMF 2016).  (Side note: Carly’s onstage charisma is not an act; in addition to being a very talented performer, offstage she is an absolutely delightful person.)




Potatoes and Leeks

The Long Sleep

Fold Out Couch



Just Wait

Back Seat Down

Back Again

My Name is Beemo












Justin, Tony, and I pulled a double shift at FMF 2016 when we got to be Carly’s backing band at Cheyenne Saloon right after Beemo’s set.  Practice time with her was pretty limited, so during her performance the constant monologue in my head was “Don’t screw up her set.  Don’t screw up her set.”  It was really fun, in that “uh oh I’m about to screw up Carly Jo Jackson’s set” kind of way.  (I didn’t.  I think.)


That year Cheyenne Saloon also had the great Cat Ridgeway right before us.  We’ll miss her this year, as she’s in Australia right now.   (Travelers prone to fits of envy should avoid her instagram account where she posts her awesome pictures down under, and musicians prone to fits of envy should avoid her excellent “Passenger Seat” EP that came out in 2015.)


Setlist (Beemo):


Potatoes and Leeks

The Long Sleep


Hey Ya Wanna

Fold Out Couch


Bustin' Out

My Name is Beemo

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) *

Back Again


*The Proclaimers





Setlist (Carly Jo Jackson):


Oh Yeah

Out of the Blue

Red Wine, White Shoes

Johnny P


Moving On













This year, again at Cheyenne Saloon, we’ll be going on after our friends The 502s.  I’ll be playing mandolin with them, so no matter what my face is doing during their set, a bet that “Don’t screw up their songs, don’t screw up their songs” will be racing through my head is definitely a safe one.  We’ll be playing songs from their self titled EP, which debuted last year, and some new originals that will be on their upcoming full length album being recorded at WJSP Entertainment this summer.  


Make sure to come check us out at Cheyenne Saloon on Saturday April 22 at 10:00pm.  FMF is free admission to all venues again this year.  Take a look at the schedule and plan on seeing some great local music on all three night’s of the festival.


If I might make some recommendations, be sure to check out some talented friends of ours:


Thursday, April 20th

Levie - Cheyenne Saloon, 10:30pm


Friday, April 21st

Crenshaw - Cheyenne Saloon, 9:30pm

Reverist - Wall Street Plaza I, 9:30pm


Saturday, April 22nd

Layla Brisbois - Church Street Market, 8:30pm

Carly Jo Jackson - Wall Street Plaza II, 9:00 pm

The Bloody Jug Band - The Social, 12:00am

Billy Wright - Church Street Market, 12:30am


See you there!




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