A Diabolical Contract Between the Moon and Stars - The Sticker Story

​​I usually start designing around 4 o'clock in the morning. Yikes! Why so early? Well, the house is really quite and everyone is still asleep. Most of all, my ideas are still fairly fresh from soaking in a hot tub of dreams and subconscious weirdness that I do not wish to describe in this post. Trust me, it's for the best.

One particularly early morning I was inspired to create a design based on lead singer Dan Harshbarger's song lyrics and lead guitar player Sean Quinn's flashy metal guitar known as a resonator or the brand name Dobro.

"Sun dies, moon is out, night is falling."

That's the line I wanted illustrate and Dan is very proud of those lyrics from Hey Ya Wanna.

To me, it's a very wicked notion. Take that beautiful glowing orb of life! Did the Moon hire the stars to snuff out on the Sun? I like to think so. Sorry Dan-o.

So, with my dogs snoring at my feet (good puppies) I started whipping up some art. But where to begin? I decided to center the design around the shape of the dobro. That shiny metal instrument has got some distinct characteristics, beautiful curvy lines and a unique shape. Perfect thingy for a focal point.

Next, I decided to emulate a Tarot card. My late mother was into them and it seemed like good way to pay honor to her memory. Naturally, I looked at "The Sun" card.

According to the inter-web... "The Sun Tarot card indicates that all is going right for you, and can enlighten you on the best direction to take in your life." I'm not much into the hibbity-dippity but my mom liked it so it that's good enough for me. I made sure to make the Sun look as innocent as possible. This poor fool has no idea what's about to happen. Sun Dies...check.

Next the Moon. That jealous, homicidal celestial in the sky. According to the inter-web..."The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. The Moon provides light as a reflection of the Sun, yet this light is dim, uncertain, and only vaguely illuminates our path as we journey toward higher consciousness." Yeah, ok. Whatever floats yer boat. All I see is a scene from Goodfellas about go down here.

Speaking of shuffling off that mortal coil, Sean loves skulls. If I had to guess the reason, it would have to be part of his obsession with guitar virtuosos and Heavy Metal. Truth be told, I've rocked a skull or two in my day and we both share that love of Metal. Sooooooo...I tried to make the moon into a skull. This was a big fail and it just didn't fit. The design became vaguely creepy and the song is about hope, a mountain, the wind, love lost and love found. I created a mirror image of the Sun and skipped the skull.

I added a sunrise or sunset at the top. This symbolizes your point of view. It all depends on how you look at it. Then some strategically located five-pointed stars (that's a symbol with tons of meaning), the Beemo typeface and finally an oval to bind all the elements.

It took me several drowsy sunrises to complete this thing. We slapped the new design on a t-shirt, printed stickers and made it the main image for our show at the Timucua White House show.

So next time you see us at a show, be sure to ask for a sticker. We are suckers for dishing out free merch and we will usually take a crisp high five or a hug. Just be sure to keep an eye on that Moon. It may or may not be up be to no good. It was never actually convicted of any wrongdoing.



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