Our stories intersect and

affect each other.

No story leaves

you unchanged.

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Share the Story


In song, in conversation, in writing, our
stories say who we are as much as who
we were.


One of the amazing things about telling

a story is the connection that happens

when a person shares something you

can’t tell by looking at them. That they

write poetry. That they miss their sister.

That they drove around Ohio in a car

with speakers that were literally on fire.  


A story is not just what happened.  
What makes a story is how it’s told.  
It encapsulates the storyteller and

once it is produced takes in the listener.  

We’re all bursting with stories, memories, experiences that will exist only in

ourselves unless we choose to share them.


We all have stories waiting to bust out.

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Come be part of ours. - Matt