New Album Coming Soon!

Our new full length album "Bustin' Out" will be dropping soon, with physical CDs available for purchase later this year, and stay tuned for an opportunity to get it early, and for free!  We hope to see you Back Again!

New Just Wait Video Online

Watch Matt's animated video for "Just Wait" from the Did For You Single featuring several of our favorite things: dinosaurs, mysteries, and Orlando's Mills 50 neighborhood.  

Did For You Single Available!

Our new single "Did For You" is available for purchase on BandCamp, iTunes​, and CDBaby.  Stream it on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.  Also featuring a full band recording of "Just Wait"!   

MacGregor's Revenge Single Available!

Our new single "MacGregor's Revenge" is available online on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, and BandCamp.   Also featuring a full band recording of "Back Again"!   

Head to YouTube to see lyric videos for both "MacGregor's Revenge" and "Back Again."


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