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"Beemo delivers something pure and true."

Beemo is an Americana band from
Orlando, Fl. Their music is a sweet
blend of indie-rock, alt-country, bluegrass and Celtic folk. 


The band features lead vocalist
Dan Harshbarger, lead guitarist 
Sean Quinn, Matt Juliano on
Mandolin, percussion from Justin
JB Braun and bassist Tony Mickle.


Drawing inspiration from The Avett Brothers, Flogging Molly, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and the Athens, GA sound of REM, their debut album “Bustin’ Out” is a collection of uplifting and highly danceable
songs about hope, love,
loss and
the strength to carry on.




“So, come forward and embrace
this band. This band is bad ass,
I would sign them in a second.” 

- Kevin Lyman,
Warped Tour founder
and Beemo fan

Live performance for
Florida Tech/WFIT
Day of Giving 

"Nova, a succulent sonic taster from
the album Bustin’ Out, is a buoyant
and boisterous sing-along, upbeat and
euphoric in the traditions of the best
bar room jam but also shot through
with all of the sonic touches which
make it perfect for the modern
pop and indie market." 

- Dancing Around the Architecture

"The style and feel of the songwriting makes me think of iconic artists like Tom Petty, although the band’s vibe is more youthful and crisp, going for a more modern approach to the scene."
-The Bandcamp Diaries



“The most driven band that we deal with
…always working, promoting to get that

next BIG gig. We really admire the hustle."
Tom & Dan

"This Americana/rock band sells out all over town when they play."
WMMO Sunday Acoustic

"The perfect bridge between the established traditions of Celtic folk and country rock, and
the sound of contemporary
indie music."

- Dancing Around the Architecture

"And of the headliners set for this year, Orlando band Beemo are some of the best practitioners with a genteel Americana sound that weaves together folk, mountain and string traditions with a polished modern take."

Orlando Weekly

"They appreciated hearing music, something that felt normal again after so much had been canceled during the last year from the pandemic."

Orlando Sentinel

"From The Pub To The Porch: Beemo Adapts To Performing During The Pandemic."

WMFE Intersection  


"They deserve the platform to perform to existing and new audiences alike, and we're thrilled to provide that opportunity."

- Kathy Ramsberger. president of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Orlando Sentinel

"Beemo may remind you of an Irish/English band from a few years ago, The Pogues. One might expect the act to come from Boston, MA, or some other more urban region."




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