“You need it, to see

your name in lights”

Bustin' Out


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We all dream about something. When you grow up in a small town, like I did, and you see life lived through the silver screen, you know that there’s a whole world beyond the one that you’ve grown up in.  Something like Bilbo Baggins and The Shire. It’s a wonderful place to begin (and even return to), but there is something within all of us that wants to know and experience more than the thing we’ve known forever.  We want to bust out.-Dan






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Embrace Your Roots


One of our own from Wapakoneta left home, and in 1969 became the first person to walk on the moon.  It set an example for us in the generations to come that a humble someone could start from the cornfields of Ohio and do big things.  He didn’t seem to embrace his roots, but we embraced his story.


This song is lyrical brush strokes of time spent with friends, waiting to graduate and bust out, do more, be more.


We’d spend our weekend nights, broke, spending it on $0.95 two liters of Faygo Moon Mist, pizza, and as many laps around town as our gas money would take us. Pearl Jam blaring, one time literally setting a car speaker ablaze. Dreaming of life beyond the cornfields. Ready to take on the world.


We often wondered how, or even if, we’d return. How would we be different? Would this place move on without us?  Would we even want to return? These are deep and sometimes scary questions.


I busted out, and life has never been the same.
I’m grateful for the place I grew up, and the experiences that I’ve had since leaving.
They’ve shaped me into the person I am today. And I’m not done busting out. There are more things to see, more cultures to experience, more challenges to take on, and more adventure to be had.


How about you?  What’s your story?  Are you on the verge of busting out of something or somewhere?  We would love to hear about it.  -Dan




Ninety five cents in my pocket again

Driving round town with my new friends.

Couldn’t help but notice

What’s on the radio

Never heard a song and felt so alone

Guess I'm gonna go my third round again

Third time around again and I don’t know this song


You want it you need it

To see your name in lights

This silence it's killing

It’s time we busted out


Back of the old car

The speaker’s burning

The fire is burning hard again

Torn between two

Times I wonder

How I’ll wander back again


You want it you need it

To see your name in lights

This silence it's killing

It’s time we busted out


No, it’s not the first time

I thought I’d lose it

At the edge of town

I’ll miss you no more



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