Assembling an Album in Geologic Time - Part II

Neanderthals assembling an album, continued. Part I: I., Tracking Part II II. Mixing III. Mastering Part II II. Mixing: Just having the parts recorded does not mean it's finished. There's some sifting through them and seeing if there's anything you want to adjust or throw out. It's very easy to take parts out so you have the benefit of throwing mud at the wall while recording and seeing what sticks. I classify this as part of the arrangement and editing process: pick the parts you want to keep and choose the takes or parts of takes that are the best performance, with "best" being subjective. It might be the most technically precise take, or the one with the most expression. Recording so

Assembling an Album in Geologic Time - Part I

There's been a debate about whether Neanderthals had communication and culture. It's unclear if they were anatomically capable of speech or had the cognitive ability to have symbolic art. The bits of what appear to be symbolic art from Neanderthal sites (~400,000 to ~40,000 years ago in Europe) are controversial. I suspect they did have culture because Beemo is a bunch of idiots with European heritage that started on a full length album about 100,000 years ago. We're in the home stretch of the home stretch now and I'm hoping before the year is out it will be released. This is my fourth Beemo recording, all of which I was involved from the inception to the final release, and so I often forg

Keynote and the Cretaceous

I've started to not sleep well again. So naturally I've started another animated video, and in the spirit of escalation that has characterized my vids, it's going to prominently feature Orlando and dinosaurs. I've done five videos using a combination of iMovie and Keynote* with each being more ambitious than the last. What started with stick figures and cartoonish figures on relatively static backgrounds has given way to realistic dinosaurs in real world locations. *Note: I usually say PowerPoint rather than Keynote for clarity. Keynote is Mac's Power Point equivalent, and it's basically the same thing.) As I mentioned in a previous post, these videos were an exercise in story boardin

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