Covering Your Bases

Inspiration. Desperation. In an original music band, both of those are important motivators when choosing what cover songs to play. Especially early on when we were a three piece with about 6 vaguely downbeat original songs, covers were a necessity if we wanted to fill out a full set. Choosing which covers to invest time in also has more logistical ramifications in a band as opposed to a solo or duo act, so what you pick often depends upon where on the desperation-inspiration axis you are. Got a show tomorrow that you don't have enough material for? Make a list of songs the singer knows and that the soloists can fake their way through. Personally I hate this method; I'm far too (over?)c

Wolfy and the Klingons

When you're at the Plaza Live for the opera and you find yourself wondering if that last part was being sung in German or Klingon, you know you're in for a strange night. The supertitles (the projected words above the stage translating what the singers are saying) were not helpful in this instance either. When Osmin the Klingon came on stage singing the first supertitle said "Um...." followed by "Something in Klingon..." Thankfully, Captain Belmonte, on stage left, called out to turn on the universal translator and the entire thing switched to English. Opera Orlando did a two day run of "Star Trek: Abduction" (ST:A from now on) at the Plaza on May 31 and June 2. ST:A is a take on Mozart'

Timucua White House - Orlando Treasure

On May 20, when I went through the double doors that connect the foyer of the Timucua White House with the main room, Tony was already on stage. He didn't look up when I came in; he was running through his #bassSolo for "Sucker Punch," a song which we hadn't played in a while, in practice or otherwise. All of our equipment had been at the performance space since the day before so I didn't have anything with me when I walked in which gave me the distinct feeling that I was forgetting something. (I wasn't) The Timucua Arts White House is a beautiful space on Summerlin just south of Kaley across from Boone High School. The owner, Benoit Glazer, was the conductor of the Cirque du Soleil in D

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