A Long Day in the Studio

Saturday November 25. Recording session for “Nova,” scheduled 3pm - 10pm. 2:42 PM I get to Titan Studios (formerly WJSP), a little bit early. I’m usually edgy on the day I go in to record. Not nervous exactly, more like deep in anticipation. Anticipation of ending up with something new that didn’t exist the day before, anticipation of the effort of the creative process, anticipation of being one step closer to being done with the project. And as pretty much always, I’m tweaked by a perhaps overactive sense of self doubt. What if I don’t know my parts well enough? What if I take too long to record and we waste the recording time? What if I play the part perfectly but it turns out it

What We Did for "Did For You"

The song “Did For You,” now available on our BandCamp page, has a long history. It was actually written in 2002 when Beemo was an electric rock/punk quartet featuring founding members Dan and Sean, plus bassist Mike Krill and drummer Patrick Livezy. Dan wrote the song about a narrator who has been continuously bending over backwards for someone and not getting anything remotely reciprocal in return. Based on this, Tony designed the album art with the image of a horrible tattoo that the narrator totally regrets, symbolizing all the bad decisions the they have made for the subject of the song. It’s not really about any one person in particular; it’s more of a thought experiment about how a p

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