Barley and Vine, the Amish, and Were-Chihuahuas

Matt sat down with folk-a-billy (tm) artist Amanda Lyn to talk music and discuss their upcoming November 4th show together at Barley and Vine in Orlando's Milk District. The show will be a release party for Beemo’s new single “Did For You.” Amanda will play her originals (and maybe a few covers) with Tony, Matt, and Justin during the set break. Free show, starts at 7pm. MJ: Elevator pitch me. If you had to describe your music in like ten seconds.... AL: My music is inspired by Sun Studio [in Memphis]. And what makes it different is that it’s rockabilly in a female voice with a modern twist. MJ: So how long have you been singing? AL: Since forever? [Laughs] My mom always tells this s

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