MacGregor's Revenge - The Beer

Tony and I chatted with Mike Wallace from Ten 10 Brewing on July 14th over a beer and talked about the Beemo Americana Pale Ale that he is brewing up for us to pair with the single release of our song “MacGregor’s Revenge” TM: Let’s do this. So who are you? MW: I’m Mike Wallace, head brewer at the Ten 10 Brewing Company. TM: So, where is Ten 10? MW: 1010 Virginia Drive located right in the heart of Mills 50 here in Orlando. TM: So let me make sure I understand, you named Ten 10 after the address? MW: Yeah, we wanted to be a neighborhood brewery and it just seemed that we were filling 1010 in on every bit of paperwork and we thought “Wow that’s kind of cool” and we stuck with it. TM: Wha

By the Numbers

Making setlists is one of those hidden tasks when you’re in a band. People don't really notice when you do it right, but they probably will if you do it wrong. We don’t improvise our sets on stage; it’s easier to make crisp transitions between songs and minimize the time spent milling about making the audience wait. And it’s not quite as easy as it seems at first. Took a bit of fumbling around at first until I got the hang of it. One one level it’s like making a good mix tape. You need internal variation to keep the listener’s attention and also provide ebbs and flows so as not to either exhaust them with relentless high energy songs, or bore them with relentless low energy ones. I also

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