Florida Music Festival 2017

Florida Music Festival is next week, April 20-22. This will be our fourth, and I always look forward to it. Things are pretty different than they were in 2014. 2014 We were still sans percussionist for our first FMF. We were on the Wall Street Main Stage and we had pulled a fortunate time slot. Still a relative newbie to the live music performance thing (Beemo is my first band), I was pretty nervous right before we walked on stage. It was by a wide margin the biggest crowd I had ever performed in front of. I was jittery until right before I picked up my mandolin, and then I was normal again, which was a fortunate thing because one of the first things I did in that set was take a not

Stolen Scraps of a Great Feast of Language - Part II

Part II of some thoughts on lyrics. Part I: Some Days Are Better Than Others - U2 Smile - Pearl Jam Life Goes On / Hit Em Up - 2Pac Part II: I Hung My Head - Johnny Cash Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers 4. I Hung My Head - Johnny Cash This song is actually a cover of Sting from his Mercury Falling album. Personally, I find the Johnny Cash version more compelling. Admittedly, I heard the Johnny Cash version first but I think Cash’s more stripped down arrangement and more mournful near-spoken delivery serves the phenomenal lyrics better. The Sting version, to my ear, feels a little over arranged for the subject matter. Stripping a song down, particularly a song that has a relatively simple s

Stolen Scraps of a Great Feast of Language - Part I

I was always a “lyrics first” person when it came to listening to songs. I’ve always been inclined towards English Lit and poetry and am endlessly curious about why and how certain songs work and/or don’t work. As will likely become obvious, I spend probably far more time than a person should in the minutiae of individual lines and structures trying to decode the ways lyrics can direct the listener and deliver meaning. (In this way I am the exact opposite of Sean, who doesn’t really hear lyrics at all, but experiences vocals primarily via the melodies.) So here’s some thoughts I’ve had about lyric work that I like. Part I: Some Days Are Better Than Others - U2 Smile - Pearl Jam Life Goes

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