A Diabolical Contract Between the Moon and Stars - The Sticker Story

​​I usually start designing around 4 o'clock in the morning. Yikes! Why so early? Well, the house is really quite and everyone is still asleep. Most of all, my ideas are still fairly fresh from soaking in a hot tub of dreams and subconscious weirdness that I do not wish to describe in this post. Trust me, it's for the best. One particularly early morning I was inspired to create a design based on lead singer Dan Harshbarger's song lyrics and lead guitar player Sean Quinn's flashy metal guitar known as a resonator or the brand name Dobro. "Sun dies, moon is out, night is falling." That's the line I wanted illustrate and Dan is very proud of those lyrics from Hey Ya Wanna. To me, it's a very w

The 65 Million Year (Just) Wait

I never actually outgrew my childhood dinosaur phase. My interest (fixation?) has only grown over the years and my bookshelves are still loaded down with dinosaur books. I have a very large weakness for the Jurassic Park movie series, thoroughly and emphatically enjoying even the worst of its big screen excesses. (I’m looking at you velociraptor killing gymnastics, San Diego destroying Tyrannosaurs, and pretty much all of the numbingly stupid Jurassic World.) I had previously made an animated video for our song “Laurel Wreath” from our first EP in what can best be described as a story boarding experiment gone awry. I was envisioning an animated video and while screwing around with stick

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