The Cover that Wasn't (and the One that Was)

At lunch today Matt suggested we could blog about the Art parts of Beemo. Not one for blogging or staying on one particular thought for more than 78 seconds, I answered "Bell Pepper?" First, a little Art History lesson. As some of you know, I am a marketing professional and a graphic designer armed with a shiny Art degree from UCF. GO KNIGHTS! Design and art have always been major forces in my life and as fate would have it, brought me to Beemo. My first encounter with the Beemo lads was not as a musician. I was hired to design the band's first ep cleverly titled "Beemo". At the time I was playing bass in a few bands and the mighty Quinn (i.e. Sean) took notice of the artwork that I was

Anatomy of a Song - Clay Pigeons

I listened to this lecture series by The Teaching Company called “Lost Christianities” that was about books that weren’t included in the New Testament. (I’m a total Teaching Company junkie, by the way. I highly recommend checking them out.) One of the books that was covered was the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Though it isn’t part of the canonized New Testament, the Infancy Gospel was a very popular book in the Middle Ages. The first known quotation of it was from the late second century CE by Irenaeus. It’s a rather strange little book about what can really only be described as the hijinks of Jesus as a child. Jesus pranks Joseph in the carpentry shop, smites a shocking amount of people

Sara Watkins at Plaza Live

On Wednesday I went to the Plaza Live on Bumby to see Orlando Philharmonic’s Women in Song series featuring Sara Watkins. The series features female artists playing with members of the Orlando Philharmonic. I had been looking forward to this show for several weeks; Watkins is easily one of my favorite artists. She’s an alum of Nickel Creek, a band that is possibly the single biggest musical influence I have, and her three solo albums, “Sara Watkins” (2009), “Sun Midnight Sun” (2012), and “Young in All the Wrong Ways” (2016), are all fantastic. I’d seen her play as part of Nickel Creek live three times over the years, but had never seen her solo. The Plaza is a fairly intimate venue; ther

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